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Get a great room for your next getaway or staycation.

Whether you book months in advance or prefer to risk it at the last minute, you can be confident you’ll find a great accommodation deal at home or abroad.

Our tech trawls the internet to find you the very best deals on hotels, resorts and lodgings from around the world. From five-star weekend breaks to going completely off-grid, wherever your destination, sleep well for less with QuoteSearch.

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Popular hotel options

Chain hotel

Perhaps the most common type of hotel, chain hotels offer similar levels of luxury and services, wherever in the world you are. Great for short stays, or no-frills city breaks.


If you prefer not to stray too far, or have everything to hand, resorts offer more than just a room for the night. Reports typically have entertainment, shopping, gyms and dining all onsite.

Eco hotel

Also known as green or sustainable hotels, operate in a more environmentally friendly way, often with initiatives like solar panels, reducing food waste and carbon offsetting.

A few things you should know about hotels

  1. Breakfast is often an added extra, save money by booking it in advance or eating locally
  2. Save on future stays by making the most of hotel membership schemes for points and rewards
  3. If you can, be flexible. Some days or weeks are often cheaper than others for the same room
  4. Add-ons like children’s cots or adjoining rooms are generally better booked in advance
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Your common hotel questions, answered

What do the stars for each hotel mean?

The stars are part of a five-star rating system, based on the quality of a hotel. Typically, one-star hotels offer a basic room and bed, with little else in the way of amenities. Five star hotels offer a more premium experience with dining services, and personalised services to guests.

Can I get an early check-in or later check-out?

This will usually depend on the individual hotel. Check-in and check-out times can be different between locations, it’s always best to call ahead and make arrangements directly with your chosen hotel.

Can I have a dog in my hotel room?

Pet-friendly hotels are growing in popularity, offering four-legged friends a shared level of comfort and accommodation. Every hotel will have its own pet policy so it’s always worth checking in advance.

Can I change or cancel a room reservation?

If your travel plans change, you can usually cancel or modify your reservation in advance. There may be a rebooking or cancellation fee involved, so always check the small print.

Finding the right deal is quick and easy with QuoteSearch

Our cutting-edge technology compares rooms and prices directly from hotels. We also have experts just on the other side of the phone to discuss your individual needs.

Our service is completely free and there’s no pressure to take out a policy. We’re 100% independent and FCA regulated, meaning you can proceed with confidence.

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