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Whether it’s all work, or you prefer to wander where there’s no wifi.

If it’s sun, snow or a city break you’re after, you can be confident you’ll find the best prices and times on flights, getting you away for less.

Depending where you’re going, and what you’re doing, tailor your trip by quickly comparing flight times, arrival and departure destinations all in one place.


Popular flight options


As standard you’ll usually have a reclining seat and fold down table, other services like refreshments and entertainment will vary by airline, and may be available as added extras in-flight.

Business class

An intermediate option when flying, business class is a much more significant upgrade from economy class on long-haul flights. Expect complimentary refreshments and premium seating.

First class

A high-end option for travelling, flying first class generally includes special check-in and security services at the airport, premium seats on the plane as well as complimentary food and drinks.

A few things to know about travelling by flight

  1. If you can, travel by being flexible, some days or weeks are often cheaper than others
  2. Add-ons like extra baggage or upgraded seating are generally better booked in advance
  3. On shorter flights remember to pack your own snacks, refreshments aren’t always available
  4. If you’re a frequent flyer, consider signing up for airline rewards for even greater savings

Your common flight questions, answered

What do I need to board a flight?

Your passport and boarding card should always be to hand, you’ll only be able to get on a flight by showing these when asked.

Will there be food and drink on my flight?

This can vary dramatically between airlines and usually depends on the duration of your flight. Long haul flights for example will usually have a selection of snacks and drinks available, you’ll unlikely have the same services on short haul or domestic flights.

How long before my flight should I be at the airport?

Generally you should arrive at the airport three hours before an international flight, and two hours if travelling domestically or within Europe. This is to allow time for you to check-in and pass through security comfortably before your flight.

What happens if my flight is cancelled?

If your airline cancels your flight you’ll be given the choice of either getting a refund, or rescheduling your departure for another time or date. In most cases, if your flight is cancelled mid-trip your airline will usually assist you with food and drink, accommodation and transport.

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