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What Is Over 50 Life Insurance?

Over 50 Life Insurance lets you leave money behind for your loved ones. When you're gone, the lump sum paid out on your policy could be used for anything. Aged 50-79 and a UK resident? Then you can apply.

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Three reasons to take the next step

Need more information to help you decide? Here are a few benefits of Over 50 Life Insurance.

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Guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions

Not many things in life are guaranteed. Over 50 Life Insurance is.

You won't even need to answer any medical or health questions.

Get Peace Of Mind
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Fixed monthly premiums

The cost of your premiums won't go up if you put cover in place today.

Even as you get older and your health changes, you'll pay the same amount.

Fix Your Premiums
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Your pay out

When the time comes, those you care about will receive a one-off pay out.

The money could be used for funeral or living costs - or even as a gift.

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Cover amounts from £1,000 to £20,000, depending on the provider

Don't leave funeral costs behind

Over 50 Life Insurance is often used to cover funeral expenses

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The average cost of a basic funeral is now at £4,184, which is the highest it's ever been. This is up from £4,115 in 2019. It is projected that the average cost of a basic funeral could reach £5,044 in five years time*.

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Imagine how much money loved ones might have to find in another ten years. Could they afford to pay for everything?

Rather than waiting until it's too late, take the next step and protect the future in a few clicks.

Providers you can trust

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Understanding Over 50 Life Insurance

Before talking to a consultant, it's good to be informed

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Your policy won't work like a savings or investment account - it will only pay out when a valid claim is made

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Depending on when you pass away, the total paid in premiums could exceed the cash sum your loved ones receive

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If you stop paying premiums, your Over 50 Life Insurance plan will be cancelled and won't pay out

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Your provider may allow you to reduce your premiums; this means the lump sum paid out will be smaller

Over 50 Life Insurance needn't be perplexing. QuoteSearch can introduce you to a consultant who'll help you find the right policy at the right price.

A few more things to remember

Here are more facts to help you choose

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Full cover
Full cover starts after 12 or 24 months of premiums being paid. If you die before then, premiums are normally refunded

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Lifelong Protection
Over 50 Life Insurance lasts a lifetime. Typically, you stop paying premiums when you're 90, but are covered until you die

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Multiple policies
You can take out more than one policy. Your provider will only pay a total cash value sum across all policies

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3. Discuss your needs, compare different options and make a decision

Over 50 Life Insurance FAQs

Over 50 Life Insurance is a simple way to leave your loved ones money when you die, as a gift or to help pay for your funeral. Choose how much you want to pay each month or how much cover you want to leave behind when you die. The more you pay each month, the bigger the pay-out your family will get.

If you're aged 50-79 and a UK resident, you should be eligible, although criteria may vary from provider-to-provider.

Accidental Death cover usually takes effect immediately. After either 12 or 24 months, you'll be fully covered if you die.

Most providers are flexible and recognise that people's circumstances change. It's best to check before buying.

If you stop paying your premiums, all cover will cease and no pay-out will be made if you die.

The amount of cover you get will depend on your age and the maximum level that the provider will allow you to have. The younger you are, the more your loved ones could receive as a lump sum pay-out, should you die.

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