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Protect the people you love with Life Insurance

Peace of Mind, Before the Future Happens

If you weren't there tomorrow for your loved ones, Life Insurance could be instead. Protect them now and your premiums will stay the same for the lifetime of your policy.

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Life is a game of numbers, so understand the odds

Life Insurance is a choice you make. You may prefer to roll the dice and take your chances.
Before deciding, make sure you're familiar with the facts and figures (they may shock you).

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1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will get some form of cancer

According to Cancer Research, 53% of adults diagnosed are aged 50-74 and the disease kills someone every four
minutes in the UK.

How would your family cope financially if this happened to you?

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Nearly 2 in 3 stroke survivors end up with a disability

The Stroke Association says that in the UK, there are more than 100,000 strokes each year. This is around one stroke
every five minutes.

Who'd provide an income to pay the bills while you recovered?

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1 in 4 in The UK die from heart and circulatory disease yearly

Statistically, coronary heart disease kills twice as many women as breast cancer, says the British Heart Foundation.

Wouldn't you rather play life at its own game by acting today?

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If these numbers have got you thinking, take the next step. Everyone's circumstances are different, so talk to a Life Insurance consultant before getting your cover.

Popular Life
Insurance Options

We'll connect you to a consultant who can introduce you to all these options - and more:

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Decreasing Term

Have a repayment mortgage or other debt to protect? With Decreasing Term, the pay-out gets smaller in line with the term of your policy. If you died within your policy term, your family could use the funds to cover any outstanding debt.

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Level Term

Level Term Life Insurance pays out a fixed lump sum - should you die at any point within your period of cover. This means you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing the future's protected from day one.

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Critical Illness

Critical Illness pays out if you're diagnosed with an insured condition, supporting you and your loved ones. Each insurer's cover is slightly different, so speak with a consultant before putting your Critical Illness policy into place.

Providers you can trust

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Four things you need to know first:

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Life Insurance only pays out if you pass away within the term of your policy

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If you stop paying, cover ceases and loved ones won't receive a pay-out
if you die

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Answer questions accurately, otherwise your policy might not pay out
when needed

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Terminal Illness is often included with Life Insurance and provides support while you're still alive

Review your Life Insurance periodically too, as your priorities and needs may change over time.

If others depend on you, you may need Life Insurance

How would loved ones would cope without you? It's a difficult topic to think about, but one you shouldn't avoid. Life Insurance could provide an income for those you care about
when it matters.

The lump sum paid out on your Life Insurance policy could cover:

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Mortgage payments
So they can carry on living in the home they love

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Household bills
So they can keep supporting themselves financially

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Lifestyle requirements
So they can maintain their standard of living

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Life Insurance FAQs

The answer to this question depends on who and what you want to protect - and, just as importantly, what you can afford each month. If you want more cover, expect to pay higher monthly premiums.

Life insurance normally costs less when you're younger. If you get cover early, your premiums will be fixed at that lower rate - even as you get older and your health changes. Typical life triggers for getting life insurance include buying a home, getting married, losing someone close to you or having children.

The cost can be based on (i) how much cover you need; (ii) the length of your policy; and (iii) any extras, like critical illness cover. Your consultant will ask you a set of questions, so they can organise your quotes.

You buy life insurance based on your priorities at that moment in time. Your circumstances could, however, change. You may move to a bigger home or have more children; in which case your cover may not meet your new needs.

Reviewing life insurance on a regular basis is a good idea. QuoteSearch can still help if you have cover. Why not fill out our simple form, then chat to a consultant.

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