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What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance, also called PMI or private health insurance, is designed to help you get you access to the right treatment you need, when you need it, and to help cover the cost of medical expenses.

With most private medical insurance policies you can also choose to stay in private hospitals or access NHS private patient units, rest and recover on your own, without any intrusion.

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Why get Private Medical Insurance?

Uncertainty around NHS resources and waiting times are perhaps one of the biggest drivers for people who take out private medical insurance policies.

A private medical plan can provide expert medical care for you and your loved ones; providing peace of mind that you’ll be able to get the right treatment.

NHS patients can wait up to 18 weeks for a non-urgent referral, which is a long time to have to endure discomfort and inconvenience.

A few things you should know about PMI

  1. Private medical insurance usually won’t cover cosmetic surgery or fertility treatment
  2. You can add new people to your policy, providing they live with you, anytime you like
  3. Answer questions accurately, otherwise your policy might not pay out when needed
  4. If your work offers PMI as an employee benefit, it's unlikely you'll need to take out PMI yourself
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Your common private medical insurance questions, answered

Does private medical insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

You can still take out private medical insurance with pre-existing conditions, however it’s unlikely you’ll be able to receive treatment for them on the policy.

Is there an age limit on private medical insurance?

There’s usually no upper age limit, however private medical insurance normally costs less when you're younger, as you get older and your health changes prices typically goes up.

Do I have to take a medical examination?

No, you’ll just need to complete a short medical history form. With some plans and providers you may be able to get a general health assessment if you wanted one.

Does private medical insurance cover me outside of the UK?

No, private medical insurance is designed for cover in the UK. If you spend time abroad, either living or working, other insurance products may be more suitable.

Finding the right cover is quick and easy with QuoteSearch

Our cutting-edge technology compares prices and cover directly from leading providers. We also have experts just on the other side of the phone to discuss your individual needs.

Our service is completely free and there’s no pressure to take out a policy. We’re 100% independent and FCA regulated, meaning you can proceed with confidence.

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