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As a driver, car insurance is one of the most important things you need to have.

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Accidents, theft and lost keys - Car insurance may cover more than you think.

The best car insurance policy isn’t always the cheapest, you should always look for an affordable policy that covers what you need – There are lots of extras to choose from to fine tune your policy.

Most providers are also able to offer telematics (black box) or multi-car policies which can often help to bring premiums and the cost of motoring down.

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Popular car insurance cover options


The most extensive level of cover, in most cases you’re protected against damage and repairs, medical expenses or fire - as well as damage to others.

Third-party, fire and theft

The middle level of basic cover, this policy covers other people, their vehicles and property, as well as theft and fire damage to your own car.

Third party only

The minimum legal requirement for driving your car on public roads, Third-party only covers injuries to other people, their vehicles and property.

A few things to know about car insurance

  1. Most providers offer windscreen repair and replacement without affecting your NCB
  2. If your car is modified, a classic or imported you may need more specialised cover
  3. Answer questions accurately, otherwise your policy might not pay out when needed
  4. Premiums can be affected by your location, job, mileage, driving history or voluntary excess

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Your common car insurance questions, answered

Why is insurance more expensive for younger drivers?

Under 25s and newly qualified drivers are generally considered as a higher risk customer by car insurance providers, the price of the policies offered will often reflect this.

Is car insurance cheaper for women?

No, in 2012 policy pricing based on gender was banned by the European Court of Justice. Women should expect to pay the same amount of men for the equivalent car insurance.

What is a no claims bonus, or NBC?

A no claims discount, also known as NCB, is a reward from your provider for not making a claim on your policy.

Every 12 months a discount based on your NCB is applied to your renewal premium. Most providers will offer a maximum discount after 14 years without a claim.

Can I keep my no claims discount (NCB) if I change car insurance provider?

Most providers will allow you to transfer your no claims discount to a new one, as long as it’s at the end of your policy.

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