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Your Funeral Plan?

The average cost of a basic funeral is now at £4,184, which is the highest it's ever been. This is up from £4,115 in 2019. It is projected that the average cost of a basic funeral could reach £5,044 in five years time*. Protect loved ones from future price increases with a pre-paid Funeral Plan.

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Pre-Paid Funeral Plan benefits

Here are three reasons to request your free quote today and talk to a Funeral Plan consultant

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Guaranteed acceptance

Your application for a pre-paid Funeral Plan should be accepted without the need for any medical questions.

Fix Your Costs Now
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Tailor your wishes

Make sure they can say goodbye properly. Tailor the plan to reflect your final wishes.

Plan For Tomorrow
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Feel reassured

Your pre-paid Funeral Plan should be securely held in a trust fund or policy, so it's protected

Get Peace Of Mind

Two things to think about

Before proceeding, you may find the following information useful:

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Check what's covered

Every Funeral Plan provider is different. Church service and limousine hire is often included; the cost of flowers and burial plots normally isn't. Find out what your plan includes first.

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Understand your rights

To protect your plan, it should be placed in either a trust or insurance policy. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has rules to safeguard your money when it's done this way.

Now that you're feeling more informed and assured, request your free quote and talk to a friendly Funeral Plan consultant

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People buy Funeral Plans because:

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They want to prepare and save their family the burden of planning everything at a difficult time

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They don't have money in savings or cash in the bank, which loved ones could otherwise use

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They may not feel comfortable discussing it with their family or might not be in contact with them

Just so you know, admin fees and interest could be added if you pay in instalments. So speak to your consultant about how this might affect you.

Ready, steady, go…

Here's some final guidance to help you before and after you get your plan

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Compare thoroughly
Your consultant should be able to access a range of quote options for you to compare.

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Review your documents
Check everything's included, and that costs are correct, to prevent any future surprises.

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Keep loved ones informed
Let them know you've got a pre-paid Funeral Plan, so they're prepared.

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Pre-Paid Funeral Plan FAQs

Your consultant will be able to answer this question, based on the information you provide. If you have savings or Life Insurance, you may not need a pre-paid Funeral Plan.

Your circumstances may change. Most Funeral Plan providers will let you add or remove features, although terms and conditions may apply, so ask before buying.

It's important that you tell loved ones that you have a pre-paid plan Funeral Plan. Make sure they know where to find the paperwork, so your chosen provider can be informed.

The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA), who act as industry regulators, can email its members to see whether a plan exists in your name. Failing that, you can review historic bank statements or call a selection of providers not registered with the FPA.

You can take out a Funeral Plan for another person. Make sure you read through the documentation carefully, so that you can tell the policy owner what's included and excluded.

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