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You might be more of a social media magpie than the chatting for hours type, with so many different tariffs and phone models out there, you’re bound to find your perfect SIM only, contract or pay as you go phone deal with QuoteSearch.

In addition to the latest handsets from Apple, Samsung, Google and Sony to name a few, you should also keep an eye out for promotions like cashback or other rewards, to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

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Popular mobile options

Mobile contract

A standard mobile phone contract lasts between 12 and 24 months and includes everything for a set monthly cost. An allowance of minutes, data, texts and a new handset all bundled together.

SIM only

With a SIM only deal you’ll get a new SIM card and contract, but not a new handset. Ideal if you’re happy with your phone but not your service, or would prefer a shorter-term contract.

Pay as you go

Also known as PAYG or SIM-free deals, you only pay for the minutes, data or texts that you use. There’s no contract, simply top up the credit on your account when you run out.

A few things to know about mobile phone deals

  1. If you’re a frequent traveler keep an eye out for contracts with included international roaming
  2. Avoid additional fees by only changing provider or plan once you are out of your existing contract
  3. Expect to pay more each month for the latest handsets, especially from Apple or Samsung
  4. You can often make a bit of money back by recycling or trading in your old mobile phones

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Your common mobile questions, answered

Why do some deals have an upfront cost?

This mostly depends on the handset you choose. Contracts which include a new phone model will often require an upfront payment to offset the monthly costs of your plan.

What’s the best mobile phone deal?

This will depend on how you use your phone. If you make a lot of calls, a plan with a generous minutes allowance would be more suitable than unlimited data for example. Similarly if you spend a lot of time browsing social media or using WhatsApp, a plan with unlimited data would be better for you.

What do mobile phone tariffs include?

Typically most mobile tariffs will include an allocation of minutes, texts and data. Some networks may also offer international roaming data or calls to international numbers.

Which is best, contract or pay as you go?

If you’re keen to be seen with the latest phone, a contract would allow you to spread the cost over 12, 18 or 24 months. However if you’re happy with your current handset and don’t use lots of minutes or data, a pay as you go deal could be better for you.

Finding the right mobile deal is quick and easy with QuoteSearch

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Our service is completely free and there’s no pressure to take out a policy. We’re 100% independent and FCA regulated, meaning you can proceed with confidence.

Find a mobile deal

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