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Stay connected with home broadband.

Whether it’s time to renew your contract or you’re looking for something a bit snappier, there are great broadband deals for every household.

When it comes to home broadband there are a lot of options out there. The main things to have in mind when finding the right deal is how heavily you use the internet and availability in your area – Not all areas can get ultrafast for example, and nobody wants buffering or dropped connections.

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Broadband speeds explained

Up to 60Mbps

A budget friendly option for most typical families. Speeds of up to 60Mbps are suitable for up to four people for streaming and browsing the internet across multiple devices.

60 – 100Mbps

Also known as superfast broadband, speeds between 60 and 100Mbps are ideal for heavy internet users, or households which stream a lot of content in different rooms.

Over 100Mbps

Broadband over 100Mbps is also known as ultrafast. Suitable for gamers and streaming in 4K quality. It’s often a favorite choice for home workers to avoid buffering and slow downloads.

A few things to know about home broadband

  1. Contract lengths are typically 12 or 18 months, but some can go up to 24 months
  2. Ultrafast broadband isn’t available in all areas, always check what’s available in your region
  3. You may need an unlimited data plan if you download large files or regularly stream in 4K
  4. Combining your broadband with a TV and phone service could save you money in the long run

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Common broadband questions, answered

Why can’t I get superfast broadband?

Broadband networks tend to be best in towns and cities where full fibre cables offer a seamless connection, it’s important to check which networks your home can get.

Do I have to have to pay line rental?

In most cases providers combine broadband and line rental together, however there are some suppliers who now offer broadband without a phone line.

Why is my connection slower than advertised?

Broadband providers usually advertise their maximum speeds alongside realistic speeds at peak times. Your broadband speed can also be affected by your connection type, the amount of devices you’re using and the distance those devices are from the router.

Are there any extra costs for home broadband?

Set-up costs are clearly shown on all of the deals offered. These set-up fees are usually to cover the costs of a router being delivered, installation if required and activation fees.

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