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Key Man Insurance - Compare Cover Options and Protect the Business You've Built

Key Man Insurance can help protect turnover, profits and or dividends

What is Key Man Insurance?

Key Man Insurance can pay out a cash lump sum to your business, if an insured Key Employee dies or becomes critically ill. This can help protect turnover, profits, dividends and or replacement costs of that key employee. This provides your business with a greater range of financial options, during uncertain and difficult times.

Premiums can be more affordable than you think:

Option 1

£100,000 Key Man

from £11.18 per month*

Option 2

£250,000 Key Man

from £22.44 per month*

Option 3

£500,000 Key Man

from £39.36 per month*

Benefits of Key Man Insurance

Pays a cash lump sum to your business which can be used for whatever the business deems necessary.

Can provide your business with the resources to find and fund a temporary or permanent replacement

Support and stabilize your business during uncertainty. Provide reassurance to staff, shareholders and or investors.

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We know from experience that all businesses are unique and have different requirements. That's why talking to a specialist is vital, to ensure you find the right Key Man Insurance Policy for your business.

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Yes. The policy is taken out by the business to cover the life of an employee, and so is owned by the business. The business is the beneficiary of any claim which is made; however, the pay-out amount can be used for any reason. This can include payment of staff or covering any profits which may be lost as a result.

The cost is dependent on the key person's age, smoker status, health, amount of cover and the term required. Once a policy is submitted to the underwriter, it can be either accepted on standard rates, loaded, with an exclusion, postponed or declined. So, you will not know the exact price of the policy until you have terms issued

This could be any employee who contributes to the financial success of your business. For Example: Top Salesperson, Technical Director, Web Designer, Lead Architect, Operations Director, Sales Manager, Commercial Director, or Marketing Manager.