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Key Man Insurance - What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

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By Sarah Hall |
Last updated 25/04/2022


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What is Key Man insurance?

A business can fail due to the loss of a Key Man. If someone crucial to the running of your company died or fell critically ill, the financial impact could be significant. Relationships with customers, suppliers and contractors could be jeopardised.

Key Man insurance could protect your business in such an eventuality. It's a life insurance policy your company takes out on a specific employee. Your business pays the monthly premium and, if there was a successful claim, receives the pay-out.

Why does your business need it?

Investors will often ask for Key Man cover as part of any deal or funding. The investors then know they're protected, in the event that your business loses that Key Man.

Key Man insurance can cover more than the death of a vital team member. It could provide protection if that person were to become critically ill or become disabled.

Who can Key Man insurance protect?

It can protect anyone who plays an important role in a business and whose absence would adversely affect its profits, operations and relationships. This could be a director, shareholder, owner or operations manager.

Key Man Insurance: Four Benefits

  1. Minimise disruption to your business
  2. Provides time to recruit a replacement and train them
  3. Better security and peace of mind for your employees
  4. It can cover death, critical illness & long-term disability

How long should your business insure a Key Man for?

How long you take out Key Man insurance for depends on the employee. It comes down to how long you think you'll need the policy for, or if there is a specific requirement or reason you're putting the cover into place.

A policy can last as little as 12 months. But the employee's age will increase at each renewal. Their health could also change. These factors could affect your monthly premiums.

If you take out key man protection for a longer period, you'll still be able to cancel it without financial penalty if the relevant employee leaves.

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How can my business invest in Key Man protection?

The process is relatively simple and not that different to purchasing normal life insurance. You will complete an application form, which will be sent to the insurer. One of our business protection partners will talk you through the process.

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