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How do I protect my mortgage and my home?


Becky Simmonds,
25 April 2022

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In the last year our homes have become more than just a house. They have become offices, gyms, pubs, school's as well as everything in between, that's why it is more important than ever to protect your home as much as possible.

Many people don't know that one of the simplest way to protect your home is with Life Insurance.

What is Mortgage Life Insurance?

Mortgage Life Insurance is simply a life insurance policy that can be used to pay off your mortgage, should you die during the policy term. It can help to ensure that your partner or dependents don't need to worry about the monthly repayments.

Some things to consider:

  • Could your loved ones afford the mortgage without your income?
  • Would your family be required to downsize or move to a new area?
  • What effect would this have on your family's lifestyle?
  • Do you have any dependents?

Why Should I consider Mortgage Life Insurance?

A Home is most likely to be the biggest financial purchase of a person's life, so it's only natural that you would want to protect it.

Sadly, not everyone has the financial plans in place for when a loved one passes and there can be lots to sort out including any mortgage debt. If you die and have mortgage Life insurance, then this could be used to repay the mortgage and help to reduce some of the pressure on your family at a difficult time.

Mortgage Life Insurance is a simple way of helping your family after you've passed.

How does Mortgage Life Insurance work?

You buy life insurance based on your priorities at that moment in time. Your circumstances could, however, change. You may move to a bigger home or have more children; in which case your cover may not meet your new needs.

Reviewing life insurance on a regular basis is a good idea. QuoteSearch can still help if you have cover. Why not fill out our simple form, then chat to a consultant.

Think that you and your loved ones could benefit from Mortgage Life insurance? Click here to get your free quote.

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