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Benefits of an Eco Friendly Funeral


Becky Simmonds,
25 April 2022

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As people are growing more aware of how their actions impact the environment, we've seen a growth in the popularity of eco-friendly funerals and cremation services. As more environmentally friendly options become available, there are plenty of ways you can have your farewell your way.

What is an Eco Friendly Funeral

For people looking for an alternative to traditional funeral or cremation services, an eco-friendly funeral is a popular choice. Eco-friendly funerals avoid using harmful materials, preparation and reduce waste during the burial process, so the body can return to the earth in as natural a way as possible.

Eco-friendly services have less of a negative impact on the environment and provide a more natural setting for your choice of ceremony.

If you're unsure whether a funeral or cremation is the right choice for you ,we dive into the details in a recent article; Cremation or Burial.

Types of Eco Friendly Funeral

There are 3 main eco-friendly services to choose from:

  1. A natural or green burial in a memorial ground or cemetery
  2. A natural or green burial in a woodland.
  3. A natural or green burial at your home or private land

Natural or Green burials are an eco-friendly burial which reduces the negative impact burials can have on the environment. An example of how you can make your funeral more green is by choosing a coffin made of natural materials which are biodegradable or alternatively being wrapped in a shroud.

Types of Eco-Coffins

An example of some of the eco-friendly materials are:

  • Bamboo - These tend to be a more decorative choice and are 100% natural
  • Banana leaf - This style is both biodegradable and sustainable and come in various shapes
  • Cardboard - This is the simplest choice, biodegradable and made from sustainable resources. They can be plain for personalisation by those who attend your funeral or come pre-decorated
  • Wicker - These can be personalised with your preferred natural golden colour and shape

Cost of Eco Friendly Funeral

Like that of traditional burials, you still need to buy a burial plot for a green burial which can vary in cost.

If you're interested in the benefits of an eco-friendly funeral, it is useful to know that according to a recent report*, average funeral costs have risen by 128% since 2004*. By having a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan in place, you not only avoid the rising costs but can also make your own choices of how eco-friendly you wish your funeral to be.

If you're interested in finding out how much an eco-friendly funeral could cost you, get a free no obligation quote by completing our short form here.

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